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Drilling services and contractors in Coimbatore

Sri Vinayaga Building Demolisher is the leading drilling service provider in Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem and Tirupur. We are the best company dealing in the business of RCC drilling, Wall drilling, floor drilling, etc. By creating use of the top quality material and the sophisticated equipments and machinery for drilling the wall and floor. These drilling services are managed by our well-trained professionals and technicians.

Drilling is a process to make holes on a hard surface. It is also used to cut the edges. To fix anything at our homes, we seek a driller. Fixing a plasma T.V or fitting a family photo any simple jobs that regard to the walls one must need a driller to finish it. Moving to a new space is always not easy thing. Above all, new space definitely won’t be as comfy as the old place. Specially assembling the things are the most hectic process. Wall hangings which add beauty to your place may not have provision to fix it. In such cases professional drillers like us help you to make the work possible with perfect finishing. People do think hammers help to nail on the wall. Definitely the hammers alone cannot give a good look. The improper holes made by the hammers give a very bad impression.

Types of drillings like Spot drilling, Center, Deep hole, Gun, Trepanning, Micro, Vibration, Circle interpolating. These are the various types. Drilling can also be done in materials like wood and metal. In simple words we do wall drilling services in Coimbatore

Rebaring is a technique used in building construction. Bars are used to make the concrete stronger. It actually holds the concrete with high tension. Basically they are good in compression but bad in tension. Tension is as important as compression so the tension created through this process strengthens the concrete. The bars are required in particular shape and size to create good tension.

Sri Vinayaga uses the technique called chemical anchoring. Than mechanical anchoring this type provide good flexibility. This flexibility is the ultimate benefit of using chemical anchors.

Bed bolt are generally used in the joints, joint of the furniture. Specifically the base line of the cot and the legs are connected through a joint. That particular joint is made with the help of a bed bolt.

Fischer Bolt has the ability to bear heavy weight. These bolts are used to fix a heavy frame on a concrete. These bolts can balance the heavy load over a concrete base or wall.

Fan hooks are the major problems in many of the houses. We may not have the hooks where we actually need. To avoid such problems, we can create provisions for our luxurious living. Fan hooks can be attached according to our need.

Oonjal, many of you may think ‘what it is!’ Yes its swing. Many kids just love using swing. Swings can be fixed easily through fitting the hooks. Nothing is impossible in the field of engineering.

After fixing the tiles and granites people may need a hole to pass a pipe line or tap. In such cases holes can made through drilling machines. Through drilling clear cut holes can be made with perfect finishing.